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7 thoughts on “Ubiquinol, designated as an orphan drug for treatment of primary coenzyme Q10 deficiency

    • admin Post author

      Statin drugs block our cells’ ability to make many essential compounds, including cholesterol and CoQ10, thereby decreasing the levels of both.
      Hope this helps,
      Peter Langsjoen, MD

  • Ed Nichol

    Do you test Q levels only in blood or are there comparisons between tissue and blood. I think that the muscles might demand fuel in the form of fat. This demand on fat and limited fat soluble nutrient(s) would create a deficiency in non-muscle cells. We could call the effect “ageing”. ie’ very strong workers with white hair, extreme athletes getting cancer,

  • Louise Nagle

    My husband was recently told that COQ10 relieves severe hand cramping due to arthritis. I was not able to find this out in the several pages I found. Figuring one of them got their story off I thought it best to get that answer from you.