Q-symbio: Sensational treatment of heart disease with ubiquinone 2

Journal of the American College of Cardiology has recently released an article on the so-called Q-symbio study providing strong evidence that a daily supplement of coenzyme Q10 can almost halve the risk of major cardiac events (MACE). These results were obtained using the well documented Myoqinon Q10 (Bio-Quinone GOLD) which is the oxidized form of Q10 in an oil solution, and NOT the reduced form of Q10 called ubiquinol or QH. Now, try to compare such a result with the results from all other treatments of heart disease, and you will understand why this scientific study has attracted so much attention worldwide.

Source: http://www.q-symbio.com

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2 thoughts on “Q-symbio: Sensational treatment of heart disease with ubiquinone


    dear sirs and madams
    I prescribe since many years as Physician Q 10
    I confirm that Q10 is effective for chronic heart failure.
    I hold a meeting in Krefeld (Germany) on 21 1 2015 a Conference to inform my colleagues about Q symbio Study
    I would like to be a member of the international coenzyme Q 10 association
    Kind Regards
    Lorenzo Bruno M.D.

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      Hello and thank you for your comment.

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      ICQA team.