Journal Antioxidants Agreement with ICQA 2

International CoQ10 Association and the journal Antioxidants have agreed to promote the diffusion of the new advances of CoQ research presented in the association’s scientific meetings and workshops.

Also we agreed to facilitate the publication of the scientific results obtained by the members of the association.

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2 thoughts on “Journal Antioxidants Agreement with ICQA

  • Ed Nichol

    Could you give consideration to the idea that as we age and Q 10 becomes deficient, the distribution of Q 10 becomes uneven throughout the body. The aspect that Q 10 is fat soluble and as the fat moves around to the active parts of our body as a fuel, the Q 10 is effectively scavenged from the non active parts of our body. This uneven distribution of Q 10 is displayed when we have good muscle structure but white hair or failing eyesight. I encourage people to supplement with Ubiquinol and the results follow a pattern of a) more energy through muscle tone b) pain relief, and c) long term improvements in non-muscle cells. It can also be noted that long term supplementation has all the markers of complete body improvement known a s reverse ageing.
    I would like to thank you for your public site and would ask that it would be helpful if more of the natural processes of Q 10 production could be posted including some of the way we damage or destroy Q 10 though our diets.
    Ed Nichol,
    Lillooet, BC