About Us

The International Coenzyme Q10 Association is a nonprofit association, which aims to promote basic and applied research on the biomedical aspects of coenzyme Q10 in order to diffuse knowledge on basic biochemistry and genetics, and on the preventive and/or therapeutic effects of coenzyme Q10. The general motivations of the Association’s activity are the great interest in the biochemical, genetics, medical and pharmaceutical field worldwide shown to the peculiar collocation of coenzyme Q10 in cellular bioenergetics, in the pathogenesis and therapy of coenzyme Q10 deficiency syndrome, in the field of antioxidant defense and in those other fields where coenzyme Q10 has demonstrated functions. It is therefore a very important goal of the Association to coordinate international efforts aimed at furthering knowledge on these subjects and optimizing the use of coenzyme Q10 in the preventive and therapeutic fields.


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