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Plasma membrane coenzyme Q: evidence  for a role in autism

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Relationship between functional capacity and body mass index with
plasma coenzyme Q10 and oxidative damage in
community-dwelling elderly-people

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Characterization of CoQ10 biosynthesis in fibroblasts
of patients with primary and secondary CoQ10 deficiency

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Genetic bases and clinical manifestations of coenzyme
Q10 (CoQ10) deficiency

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The Phosphatase Ptc7 Induces Coenzyme Q Biosynthesis by
Activating the Hydroxylase Coq7 in Yeast

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Supercomplex Assembly Determines Electron Flux in the Mitochondrial
Electron Transport Chain

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Ubiquinol reduces gamma glutamyltransferase as
a marker of oxidative stress in humans

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Effect of vanillic acid on COQ6 mutants identified in patients with
coenzyme Q10 deficiency

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